About Red Dog Film

Red Dog Film is a media production company based in Lincoln, UK.   Our professional arm works with private and public sector clients, making broadcast standard period dramas that brings a period of history to life, rooting the audience’s experience in a character’s.

The profits from the professional arm, and our own fundraising efforts, support our community projects, for example creating wildlife habitats, offering free media to local charitable groups, work with mental health illness and autism etc. We occupy a singular niche and aim to seed a new kind of economy within Lincolnshire.

We have won internationally recognised awards (the Royal Television Society, the British Society of Cinematographers, Celtx Seeds etc).   Our media team is made up of a number of award-winning crew members.

Red Dog Film has developed an impressive reputation for making ambitious, fact-based, engaging, award-winning, historical films. Our productions can be seen on our website www.reddogfilm.co.uk

A recent example of Red Dog Film’s work is “Lancaster”, a 16-minute, period drama prefaced by interviews, made for East Lindsey District Council supported by Arts Council England.

You can watch the film here:

Further information on the Lancaster film is available here: http://www.lancaster-movie.com


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