Crowd funding update


Dear supporters,

I thought I would bring you up to speed as to where the Banks Endeavour stands.

The original plan was…

  1. We develop a good project and accumulate support – this was achieved, David Attenborough became an advocate, Kew Gardens and the Eden Project too.  We obtained support from international organisations.  Thus, we had a substantial base from which we could spring once we were able to proceed.
  2. We were successful in connecting with Media Stockade, a respected Australian production company.  We had encouraging conversations with ABC, the Australian BBC, and Screen Australia.  It was clear that the Australians were interested and were willing to contribute resources, as long as we could match their offer.
  3. To obtain those resources, we decided to run a crowd funding campaign.  The campaign was well run.  Indiegogo said they were very pleased with it.  If things progress as we hoped, indiegogo said they would help us reach a wider audience.  However, the crowdfunding campaign did not take off. Rather than raise money, the crowdfunding campaign cost us.  People were very eager to collaborate but they did not have the available resources to financially support the project.

Overall, we had a great project with excellent international support, but without a UK commission or investment, we were unable to proceed with the Australians and make the docudrama we were hoping to make.

That leaves the donors who did contribute waiting to see what will happen.  We came up with a plan that would allow the Banks Endeavour to flourish.  The good news is:

  1. Any donation that required a perk such as a postcard or a book, will be honoured.
  2. The money donated will be set aside to make the final documentary.

We have begun a search through television funding structures to find collaborators in Europe.  We have scored some excellent opportunities, including talks with Off the Fence, who acquires documentaries for a family of channels across Europe and Lincoln University has decided to jointly make a bid, with us, to the European media fund.

In summary

Donations to the Banks Endeavour will still support the making of a docudrama.  This support will now mix resources from screen agencies in Europe and Australia.

We are still proceeding.

If you have any questions, please contact me on…

Yours in all respect…

Sam Wardhan

Red Dog Film

Red Dog Film



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