Ready, steady….. Indiegogo!

Our crowd funding campaign was launched on May 9th at our launch event at The Collection, Lincoln.

_M6A3529   _M6A3552   _M6A3551

_M6A3540  IMG_1475  _M6A3536  _M6A3538Thank you to Chris Hainstock Tom McKie for the pictures

Director, Philip Stevens presented a screening of our recently completed documentary featuring Sir David Attenborough discussing the life and legacy of Sir Joseph Banks, botanist, scientist, explorer and President of the Royal Society. Which was filmed during the opening of the Joseph banks, A Great Endeavour exhibition, at The Collection Lincoln.

Philip and Kay gave a presentation to members of the Sir Joseph Banks Society and invited guests, about the Banks Endeavour film project and the Crowd funding Campaign via Indiegogo.

We were absolutely delighted to be presented on the evening with a cheque for One Thousand Pounds! by Dr Cheryle Berry MBE, on behalf of the Sir Joseph Banks Society. We are very grateful for this generous contribution and the society’s ongoing support, and this certainly got the ball rolling on our crowd funding campaign!

We were then completely bowled over by the very kind words spoken by Gordon Hunter from the Lincolnshire Community Foundation , regarding the long-standing relationship and our previous community film making projects for the foundation. On behalf of the Lincolnshire Community Foundation, Gordon then presented us with a cheque for £12,000! A very welcome and generous donation indeed. Sincere and heartfelt thanks for this Gordon.  (Once the cheques have cleared, they will be added to the crowd funding total)

If you have a moment, and would like to donate, please head over to our Crowd funding Campaign.

Please get in touch with us if you would like any further information about the project, or have any suggestions or offers regarding supporting our project ‘in kind’. In order to make the film, as we have already discussed on our Funding the Film page, we need to raise around £100,000.

Thank you for your support to raise the remainder of the funds and in doing so, become part of this exciting opportunity to tell this extraordinary man’s extraordinary story. 

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