Our Joseph Banks Stamps

We LOVE stamp collecting here at RedDogFilm (okay, some of us more than others!)

Australian 90c stamp issued 1986

In 1986, an Australian 90c stamp  featuring Joseph Banks, was issued as part of the New Holland – Cook’s Voyage Australian Bicentennial series (Uncredited image – Click image for source) 

We wondered if there was any current Royal Mail stamps that were more pertinent to our project subject? Botany, Science or flowers for example? So we did some research……..and it turns out that by the power of technology via Royal Mail you can now commission personalised* stamps!

We thought it would be amazing if we could have a special Sir Joseph Banks stamp to add to our specially designed crowd funding  thank-you postcard. This would make it even more unique.

We have just had delivery of a test batch and we are looking into obtaining the international version, so we can post the cards internationally.


We think they look fantastic, we hope you like them too and we would love to know what you think?

* Please note, if you are thinking of commissioning your own personalised stamps, make sure you have the permission to use the image you want to use – As part of our project we have purchased the professional license to use the National Portrait Gallery image of the painting of Sir Joseph Banks by Thomas Philips oil on canvas, 1810, as seen on all our literature and our website.



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