Enhanced funding film

We’ve updated and enhanced our funding film.

Based upon feedback from the very helpful people at Indiegogo and our team discussions, we have reviewed, updated and enhanced our funding film.

For those who are interested, the main enhancement is the addition of some music and we have added some helpful links at the end. We hope you like the new film!

This short film has been made to support the fundraising of our film project: Banks Endeavour – Bringing Sir Joseph Banks to Life In Film, via the Indiegogo crowd funding platform. Currently in draft, our crowd funding campaign will be launched on May 9th at our launch event at The Collection, Lincoln. Please see below for details*

Our Joseph Banks film will tell the story of this remarkable Lincolnshire man who was the President of the Royal Society for more than 40 years, who took part on the famous first European voyage to Australia with Captain Cook and was the most pre-eminent British scientist of the late eighteenth century, but who remains relatively unknown in the UK today.

*Please Note – If you would like to attend a private event hosted by the Sir Joseph Banks Society at The Collection on Friday 9th May 2014 from 6.30pm to mark the end of the exhibition that Sir David Attenborough opened back in February then please get in touch with us. We will be launching the crowd funding campaign for the Banks Endeavour project on that night.


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